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    Taiwan OYELEC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    Dongguan OYELEC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    Dongguan oyelec Technology Co., Ltd. is Taiwan oyelec Technology Co. Ltd. in China, regional sales operations center, specializing in multi function switch, touch switch, button switch, micro switch, toggle switch, headset socket, DC socket, USB socket, socket and other R & D, as one of the enterprises of the production and sale of Electronic Science and technology the products are widely used in automotive, electronics, digital products, communications equipment, audio equipment, household appliances and electronic equipment.
    Taiwan oyelec Technology Co., Ltd. has independent intellectual property rights of a number of leading international counterparts, have won several electronic components solutions services best supplier award.

    For the convenience of the Pearl River Delta region of the distribution of goods, the establishment of oyelec Technology Co. Ltd. in Dongguan, while in Quanzhou China photovoltaic industry base is also provided with the production of R & D and manufacturing team. The company has a strategic partner in the world, Munich in Germany, the United States of California, Italy, Rome, France, Paris, South Korea, Seoul, Japan, Tokyo and other countries with offices and distribution center, marketing network covering the world's major electronic components market, product and business in over more than 50 countries and regions; the different culture, different colors of people are enjoying the oyelec brought environmental protection, lightweight and high quality.
    The company has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, R & D and quality control center experts at home and abroad, and high-quality technical team, the company implemented a scientific management method and ISO9001 quality management system. Ensure that the company with excellent quality, good service, very competitive prices to win the trust of customers!
    The company takes "quality of life, innovation is the soul" business philosophy, pay close attention to product quality, positive innovation, injected strong vitality and soul for the enterprise. Chinese is committed to become the leading, world-class electronic components solutions suppliers.

    The company will be "operational strategy of globalization" as the goal. The cause of sharing with employees, and partners to share the success, for Earth's contribution to green development of the business in China. At the same time, actively participate in education, culture, arts, environmental protection and other social welfare areas; uphold the development idea of offering social technology contribution, continue to make unremitting efforts to be a good corporate citizen, make their long-term contribution to promote the development of society and economy Chinese.
    Youku enterprise Promo link:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTgxNTk2MjU2.html?tpa=dW5pb25faWQ9MTAzMDkzXzEwMDAwMl8wMV8wMQ

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    Taiwan Tel:886-2-27723228   Email: tw@oy-elec.com 
    Address:Taibei County Hing Road No. 80 three

    OYELEC(CHINA) All right reserved  Tel:+86-0769-82313999(12 line)
    Address:First industrial  tangxia town dongguan city, guangdong province,China.  Email:dg@oy-elec.com

    Tact switch Multi-function Rocker switch Waterproof switch Toggle switch Key switch

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